Floods, a regional problem

The PPRD South 3 partner countries met in Rome from 22nd to 24th October 2019 for two days of work on flood prevention and management.

The partner countries of PPRD South 3 met in Rome from 22 to 24 October 2019 around the issues related to hydraulic and hydrogeological risks and the actions proposed by PPRD South 3: monitoring, early warning systems and interinstitutional emergency planning. Discussions focused on the importance of preparing flood risk monitoring mechanisms, detecting critical situations, communicating alerts, to link the alert to the response through civil protection plans but also to coordinate the response of the operational bodies.

Raising the alert, a crucial issue

In this context, each country has described the flood risk management framework and areas for improvement, such as the training of the personnel involved, at both national and regional levels, have been identified. Emphasis was placed on early warning mechanisms and the role social networks can play in the event of an emergency. The Italian case, with its infrastructure and organisation, was presented, including the tools used, the necessary human resources and the cross-sectoral work to be coordinated.

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