The representatives from the countries which are partnered around the UCPM met in Rome

From the 5th to the 7th November 2019 the Italian capital welcomed the sixth regional meeting organised by the PPRD Sud 3 Euro-Mediterranean project.  The parties were invited to learn about the mechanism of the European Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM).

Around 20 experts from the southern Mediterranean countries worked on the elements of civil protection and of the management of the risks of disasters over a period of three days.  Working with civil protection organisations from France, Italy, Spain, all represented equally, the objective was to increase the regional and national capacity to work with the European mechanism of civil protection.

Facilitate access to the mechanism for partnering countries

This mechanism can be activated by all European countries in the event of a major emergency. Its objective is to better prevent and prepare for disaster risks, but also to respond more effectively through the pooling of member countries' emergency response capacities.  At the Mediterranean Basin level, the partner countries of the PPRD South 3 project are also engaged in a dynamic collaboration of civil protection in order to better manage the risks and consequences of disasters.  In this context, some UCPM modalities are available to them.  Participants at the Rome workshop were able to familiarize themselves with the functioning of the mechanism, its issues, its legal framework and to discover concrete examples of international interventions already carried out.  The discussions also enabled them to identify the national capabilities required to activate and effectively use the resources made available to them.

“Euro-Mediterranean cooperation has a real added value in disaster preparedness and response assistance. This meeting allowed us to create new connections, share best practices and lay the groundwork for greater collaboration across the entire Mediterranean basin.”

General Christian Beau
PPRD South 3 Team Leader

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