Bilateral trade in Egypt

In addition to international meetings designed to create synergy between the partners of PPRD Sud 3 and coherence in the management of risks in the Mediterranean basin, the project proposes national workshops.  On 10th October, the bilateral exchange took place in Egypt.

For regional cooperation to work, it is essential above all that national risk and disaster management systems be effective and able to adopt common standards. To meet this objective, the PPRD Sud 3 project has planned a series of national workshops to better understand and work in-depth on the organisation of civil protection in the partner countries.  In Egypt, particular emphasis was placed on the respective roles of the General Administration for Civil Protection and the Egyptian Cabinet - Information and Decision Support Centre, in order to better understand the national institutional framework.

Strengthening cooperation

In addition, PPRD Sud 3 proposes actions in the field of seismic risk assessment, flood risk monitoring and early warning systems, inter-institutional emergency planning, interactions with the Union Civil Protection Mechanism. Once the assessment of the Egyptian situation in these areas has been carried out, sectors have been identified for further cooperation in the future.

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