Member of PPRD South 3 Partner Country Network

Algeria is one of the 10 partner countries of the PPRD South 3 programme. Together, they are mobilized to develop Euro-Mediterranean collaboration in risk management and disaster preparedness.

In Algeria, the implementation of the activities of PPRD Sud 3 is carried out by the Directorate General for Civil Protection, which is itself under the responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior. Established in 1991, Civil Protection mission is the protection of people, property and the environment. This mission also includes emergency relief for victims of accidents, claims or disasters and their evacuation to hospitals, the preparation of safeguard measures and the organisation of emergency means such as fire prevention or firefighting, as well as the prevention and assessment of civil security risks.

For conducting emergency operations, Algeria has got specialized sections in:
• interventions in perilous environments
• water rescue (divers, underwater rescuers)
• technological and chemical risks (de-pollution...)
• rescue clearing
• the heliport
• rapid response (motorcyclists)
• extraction of vehicles

Algerian civil protection website


September 2018

date of entry into PPRD South 3

1 national focal point

Official Correspondent of PPRD South 3
based at the Directorate General of Civil Protection: Commandant Meriem Yahiaoui

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Organized in June 2019

No UCPM activation in 2019

(European Civil Protection Mechanism)

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