Member of PPRD South Partner Country Network 3

Egypt is one of the 10 partner countries of the PPRD South 3 programme. Together, they are mobilizing to develop Euro-Mediterranean collaboration in risk management and disaster preparedness.

In Egypt, the implementation of the activities of the PPRD South 3 is led by the General Administration of Civil Protection, which in turn reports to the Ministry of the Interior. Responsible for protecting people, public and private property, facilities and buildings, it is made up of four branches: firefighting, emergency services, detection and protection against explosives and suspicious objects and protection of the environment.


September 2018

date of entry into PPRD South 3

1 national focal point

Official Correspondent of PPRD South 3
based at the General Administration of Civil Protection: Mohamed Bayoumy Mahmoud Ismail

1 activity

organized in 2019

No UCPM activation in 2019

(European Civil Protection Mechanism)

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