Member of PPRD South 3 Partner Country Network

Lebanon is one of the 10 partner countries of the PPRD South 3 programme. Together, they are mobilizing to develop Euro-Mediterranean collaboration in risk management and disaster preparedness.

In Lebanon, the implementation of the activities of PPRD Sud 3 is carried out by the Disaster Risk Management Unit, which in turn reports to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. Responsible for the development of the national risk management strategy, it is structured around four pillars in disaster management: prevention, preparedness, response and reconstruction.


September 2018

date of entry into PPRD South 3

2 national focal points

PPRD South 3 Official Correspondents
based at the Directorate-General for Civil Defence, Zahi Chaine & Georges Abou Moussa

2 activities

organized in 2019

1 activation of the UCPM in 2019

(European Civil Protection Mechanism)

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