National Focal Points

The interface between the project and the partner countries

In each partner country of the PPRD South 3 programme, a civil protection expert was identified to be the sole contact for the project in the field.

The National Focal Points of PPRD South 3 are the official focal points of the programme in the Southern Mediterranean partner countries. They are mandated to facilitate the local implementation of the activities programmed by PPRD South 3, in close collaboration with the project team and the general directorate of civil protection of their country.


10 national

focal points

14 activities

implemented since June
(start of the 3rd phase)

of which 8

in partner countries

Facilitators of cooperation between civil protection

  • They ensure the transmission of information on the PPRD South 3 and its activities to the Directorate-General for Civil Protection in their country.
  • Within their country, they are leading the deployment of the three areas of action of the PPRD South 3: risk prevention, disaster preparedness and population mobilization.
  • They organise PPRD South 3 activities in their country.
  •  They designate the person who will attend the activities scheduled in the other partner countries.
  • They work across departments, nationally and regionally, to develop collaboration between civil protection services (sharing of knowledge and best practices).

A network of correspondents

Colonel Fouad Lalaoui / Directorate General of Civil Protection

Mohamed Bayoumy Mahmoud Ismail / General Administration for Civil Protection

Wimisberg Kobi Nom / National Emergency Management Authority

Major Abdullah Yassir Alomoush / Jordanian Civil Defense
Colonel Qusai Abusini / National Center for Security and Crisis Mangement

Zahi Chaine & Georges Abou Moussa / General Directorate of Civil Defense

Colonel Soufiane Samghouli / Directorate General of Civil Protection

Major Nael Alazza / Palestinian Civil Defense

Colonel Major Mohamed Ben Brahim / National Office of Civil Protection

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