Steering Committee

Totally committed to the objectives

A key actor in the programme

Since its launch, the PPRD South 3 programme has benefitted from the guidance of a steering committee responsible for its progress.  As the decision-maker, the steering committee provides the strategic vision and common objectives of the project.

The Steering Committee of PPRD South 3 meets once a year to ensure the smooth running of the programme. It ensures that the actions implemented do not deviate from the initial objectives, validates important decisions and strategic choices. Guaranteeing the coherence of the project, it is able to arbitrate priorities and maintains a dynamic between the various actors involved.


21 permanent members

1 meeting per year

A strategic plan for 2019-2021

A cross-sectional approach

The steering committee comprises 20 members from the decision-making bodies of the PPRD South 3 programme. They represent both the technical expertise mobilized for the implementation of the project, be it global (project team) or regional (national focal points), and the expectations of the institutions associated with the programme.


The project team

Responsible for the operational implementation of the programme.

Coordinated by a group of project managers from Expertise France, the team works in close collaboration with 3 European directorates-general for civil protection (France, Italy, Spain).


National Focal Points

Civil protection actors, official contact points for the programme in the 8 partner countries.

They represent the entry point of the project, of which they are the sole interlocutor in their different countries. For each proposed activity, they are responsible for identifying the person who will represent the partner country, depending on the topic and the expertise concerned.


Short term Experts

Brought in to work on the project.

Most of them come from the national civil protection systems of the Mediterranean region (France, Italy, Spain and other partner countries), they contribute to the implementation of the programme and to the sharing of experience amongst the teams.


Partner institutions & operators

DG NEAR European Union

DG ECHO European Union

Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management Branch (CSMWB)

Italian Civil Protection

Spanish Civil Protection (Dirección General de Protección Civil y Emergencias)

International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policy (FIIAPP)

Expertise France

Civipol Conseil (France)

The Union for the Mediterranean


Guest members

Based on project needs and the requirements to reach certain milestones.

For example: EU Member States, other regional risk prevention programmes, or CBRN experts*
* chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards.


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