Technical Committee

Operational support

Ensure coordination of activities and expertise

As an operational relay for the steering committee, the technical committee oversees and organizes the implementation of the PPRD South 3 programme.  It sets priorities, plans activities and supervises their deployment.

Once partner country needs have been identified, the Technical Committee of PPRD Sud 3 designs and coordinates relevant activities to support national civil protection services in their disaster preparedness and risk prevention. It brings together experts from the project team and a team leader who manages the programme, representatives from the Spanish, French and Italian civil protection directorates-general, as well as the representatives of the three operators implementing the programme: Expertise France, Civipol Conseil and the Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policy (FIIAPP). All work in synergy to promote knowledge sharing and the exchange of good practices.

The management of the Technical Committee is rotating, held alternately by the three Directorates-General for Civil Protection of France (Sept. 2018 to Sept. 2019), Italy (Sept. 2019 to Sept. 2020) and Spain (Sept. 2020 until the end of project implementation).


2 meetings

per year

1 project management team

and operational implementation

1 team

of technical directors of European civil protection

3 operators

of international technical cooperation

14 activities

organised since June 2019: 6 in the E.U., 8 in North Africa and the Middle East

Project team: monitoring, evaluation, communication

In addition to its bi-annual participation in the technical committee of PPRD South 3, the project team, led by Expertise France, implements the program on a daily basis.

  • Administrative, contractual, financial and logistical coordination of operations
  • Implementation of activities (prevention, preparation, mobilization)
  • Management of mobilized skills
  • Organization of the Technical Committee
  • Participation in the Steering Committee
  • Crisis Communication Consulting
  • Creation of communication and awareness tools

Project manager/ overall coordination and coordination of the «Prevention axis»: Hana Ben Younes (Expertise France), with the support of Sarah Cupidon and Nadia Ghallali.

Team Leader/ Operational Coordination: General (2S) Christian Beau. Former Director of Operations of the Brigade des Sapeurs-Pompiers de Paris, he also intervened with the French High Committee for Civil Defence (HCFDC), both as an expert in crisis prevention and as a commander of relief operations.

Representative Civipol Conseil/ coordination of the «Preparation» axis: Camille Loutoby.

FIIAPP representative/ coordination of the «Mobilization» axis: Gérard Munoz.

Communication expert, Virginie Ramey.

A hub for civil protection experts

Four European experts from the Spanish, French and Italian Directorates-General for Civil Protection have been appointed to implement the activities of the PPRD South 3 programme, in line with the expectations of the European Commission. They are all permanent members of the steering committee and the technical committee. Each coordinator is responsible for one of the three strategic action areas of the project.

Prevention/ Resilience of populations axis

Alessandro Candeloro (Italian National Civil Protection), an engineer by training, worked for Associated Press before joining the “new economy” at the turn of the 2000s. He then specialized in Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and civil protection.

Preparation/ Assistance and operational response axis

Captain Laurent Alfonso (French national civil protection – DGSCGC) has been a professional firefighter for 25 years. An expert in the European Civil Protection Mechanism, he has worked in many countries as a trainer in operational management and command, forest fires, communication and prevention.

Mobilisation/ Volunteering & information of the population

Oriol Villalta (Spanish National Civil Protection) acts as technical expert for the European Civil Protection Mechanism and heads the Pau Costa Foundation. With a Master’s degree in leadership and leadership in non-governmental organizations, he has supported international projects focused on emergencies, security and natural and human disasters for more than 15 years. He joined the network of social entrepreneurs supported by Ashoka.

Juan Pol Pujol (Spanish National Civil Protection) heads the emergency management department of the Balearic Islands. Also an industrial engineer with a law degree, he held the positions of army officer and national police inspector. Specializing in major emergency management, he has carried out numerous international civil protection missions in South America, Africa and Asia, both within the European Union Mechanism and bilaterally with Spain.


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